MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SKECHERS       USA, Inc. (NYSE:SKX) announced today that its upcoming Skechers       GOrun commercial premiering during SUPER BOWL XLVI is creating massive       media excitement for the spot’s surprising co-star—a scrappy French       bulldog named Mr. Quiggly.

Mr. Quiggly steps into the spotlight as the representative of SKECHERS’       underdog image in the performance arena. The new campaign stars Dallas       Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and will use humor to illustrate how SKECHERS       now produces performance footwear that’s exceeding expectations and       impressing runners and athletes everywhere. SKECHERS will run its spot       in the coveted position right before the two minute warning in the first       half of the game.

Designed by the Company’s Advanced Concepts Team after three years of       research working with elite runners, the radically lightweight Skechers       GOrun minimal running shoe features mid-foot strike technology and       GOimpulse sensors for enhanced sensory feedback. Skechers GOrun is       available in sporting goods, department and specialty athletic stores,       and SKECHERS stores around the world.