Drury University Launches Animal Studies Minor Funded by Bob Barker

      Former Price is Right host gave $2 million to his alma mater to   establish Animal Rights program

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Students at Drury       University in Springfield, Mo. now have the opportunity to earn a       minor in Animal Studies thanks to donations from Drury alumnus and       former Price is Right host Bob Barker. According to Dr.       Patricia McEachern (Mc-Karen), the Dorothy Jo Barker Endowed       Professor of Animal       Rights, several students have already begun pursuing the minor.

“This minor in Animal       Studies has captured the interest of colleges and universities       nationwide”

“This minor in Animal       Studies has captured the interest of colleges and universities       nationwide,” said Bob Barker, Drury alumnus. “All of us associated with       Drury are applauding Dr. McEachern and the excellent instructors she has       assembled to present the courses.”

Since 2008, Barker has donated $2 million to his alma mater to establish       the Drury University Forum on Animal Rights and the Dorothy Jo Barker       Endowed Professorship of Animal Rights.

“The Animal Studies minor is for students interested in gaining an       in-depth understanding of the diverse ways in which the lives of animals       and humans intersect,” says McEachern. “The interdisciplinary nature of       the minor allows students to consider historical and contemporary       interactions between humans and animals from a range of perspectives.”

The foundational course for the minor is Animal Ethics. It is       team-taught by instructors from the fields of biology, criminology,       philosophy, psychology, religion and sociology. Besides Animal Ethics,       the other five courses required for the 18 credit hour minor are:       Animals in Literature, Animals and Society, Animal Law, Social Movements       and an Undergraduate Internship Experience.

Visit the website to learn more about the Drury       University Forum on Animal Rights.