We Warn Dog Owners Against Leaving Dogs Outside

We Warn Dog Owners Against Leaving Dogs Outside

Summer is just around the corner, and we are already being rewarded with warm temperatures and bright sunshine. When the temperatures reach the 80° mark, our furry friends have a lot to do with managing the warm weather. Logically, the summer conditions are extremely hard for senior, ill, or chubby dogs. Their organism is hardly damaged, and it is much more challenging for them to keep their body temperature low.

Always reflect: Dogs only have a few sweat glands and have a more challenging time cooling their bodies down. We should rather romp and play less on warm days, especially at lunchtime. When it has already cooled down, it is best to use the early morning hours and evenings to do our walks.

A dog can only control its body temperature via the sweat glands on its paws and nose and panting. Therefore, heatstroke increases many times if the dog cannot stay in a cool room. The worst example is still a car parked in the sun.

One of the most life-threatening errors people can make is to leave a dog in an auto during hot weather. Dogs can’t sweat, as humans do, to cool themselves off via evaporation, so they have to pant to cool themselves. If the air they are taking in is too hot (as it is in a parked car in hot weather), panting has a little cooling effect, and the dog quickly overheats.

After temperatures have soared into the triple, we urge dog owners to ensure their pet is properly cared for in the scorching sun.

Temperatures had soared coming into the hotter months, resulting in a dog reportedly dying from the extreme heat. Animal Rights workers have previously found a dog’s body after the dog had been killed from being chained up, unable to escape the hot sun.

Reports of dog deaths in high heat are continuously rolling from all over the United States. Recently a patrol officer mistakenly left his dog in the patrol car on a hot day. The K-9 trapped in the vehicle had sadly succumbed to heat prostration and passed away.

In 2020, 45 canines were reported dead due to extreme heat exposure or heart-related complication, with their suspicion that the figure is likely much higher, seeing as most of these deaths go unreported under the assumption that the cause of death was something entirely different.

We have urged that down owners be more vigilant in the future. With a list of things to be mindful of as the weather heats up:

  • Always put your hand on the pavement before leaving the house with your dog to ensure it is not hot enough to burn your dog’s footpads.
  • Try and keep to the shaded and grassy area when out on a walk.
  • Never leave your dog in a vehicle – even during the winter.
  • If your dog is outside in high temperatures, ensure they have adequate shade, water, and food.
  • Keep an eye out for heavy panting and curled tongues; this indicates that your dog is overheating as dogs do not sweat like humans to cool down.

We have also warned that leaving any animal outside when the weather is hot, knowing they will be subjected to extreme temperatures, is a form of animal cruelty. As such, any owners found abusing their pet in this fashion are liable to prosecution.


Finding the right veterinarian

Finding the right veterinarian

Get testimonials

Talk to your neighbors, friends, co-workers, friends of the gym, and family. Find out whom they use and are willing to recommend. Talk to animal rights lovers who likely know of veterinarians knowledgeable about your breed and the types of problems they experience. 

Visit a local veterinary clinic without your pets.

Take a tour and examine whether the office is spotless and well organized. Ask about services they provide, find out what hours they are open, and ask what provisions are made for emergency coverage (after-hours and weekends). Many veterinary practices offer in-house digital x-rays, dental x-rays, pet dental care, ultrasounds, and radiology, as well as veterinary surgical services such as general surgery and neutering, orthopedic procedures, and assistance with chemotherapy. Find out what arrangements are available for specialty referrals. What is the average wait time for making a non-emergency appointment? Can you request an appointment with a specific veterinarian?

Find out whether the practice’s treatment philosophies match yours.

Ask the veterinarians for their beliefs about treating cancer, spaying and neutering, supporting senior dogs, and euthanasia. Do they believe in prescribing holistic or alternative treatments when appropriate? Do they emphasize preventative care? If you have children, would they be welcome to accompany you for a routine office visit? It’s great to be able to teach your children what’s involved in responsible pet care. Is the vet patient when answering your questions?

Consider location

A close and convenient location is beneficial when you’re taking your dog to the vet. And should your pet need emergency care, you’ll want to know exactly where to go. If your new veterinarian does not provide 24-hour care, they should give precise directions to the nearest 24-hour emergency facility.

Ask about fees

Compare charges and avoid deals that look too good to be true. As with most products or services, you get what you pay for. Your best course of action is to ask ahead of time about fees, costs of procedures and what methods of payments are available and expected. Find out if the veterinarian provides written estimates for services. Are payment plans or financial assistance options available if you need them? If your pet is insured, does the clinic accept your insurance plan? Are you provided with a detailed explanation of services for every visit?

Check on professional accreditations and experience.

How many veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians are on staff? Please find out how long they have been in practice and about their education and training background.

Visit the veterinarian’s office with your pets.

Stop in with your pets and observe the “bedside manner” of the veterinary and office staff. How do they try to make your pets feel at ease? Have they set up the waiting area and examination rooms to make your pets feel as comfortable as possible? Today’s pets live longer, healthier lives thanks to the availability of high-quality veterinary care, preventive care, and pet owners’ careful monitoring of their animals for early signs of illness. When choosing your family’s veterinarian, use the same care and criteria for selecting a physician or dentist. Your intent should be to find the veterinarian who you think can best meet your pet’s medical needs and with whom you feel comfortable in establishing a long-term veterinarian-client-patient relationship.


Teller County Sheriff: warrant issued for a Trump’s supporter accused of beating and dismembering 2 dogs

Teller County Sheriff: warrant issued for a Trump’s supporter accused of beating and dismembering 2 dogs

The Teller County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warrant for a man they say beat and dismembered two dogs.

Officials say the suspect is 30-year-old Matthew Stephen Dieringer, a Trump supporter, from Pueblo, Colorado. He is being accused of killing two of his roommate’s dogs.

They add Dieringer was last seen in the Manitou Springs area and has an active felony warrant for two counts of Aggravated Cruelty to animals. At this time, officials believe he may have dyed his hair another color, possibly darker.

In a statement released Tuesday, the sheriff’s department said, “Dieringer is alleged to have beaten to death the victim’s brown, seven-year-old Australian Cattle Dog “Suka” and also to have killed and dismembered the victim’s other black dog, “Hayoka.” A necropsy confirmed Suka died of blunt trauma.”

Prego Launches Vegan Pasta Sauce

Prego Launches Vegan Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce brand Prego just launched their plant-based vegan meat sauce. The sauce is not only their first vegan meat-based sauce but also the United States and possibly the world.

The new vegan pasta sauce line is called Prego+ Plant Protein and is a tomato-based sauce that contains soy-based ground meat with 4 grams of protein per serving.

“We were inspired to create Prego+ Plant Protein for consumers who are increasingly integrating plant-based foods into their diets to get additional protein,” said Steve Siegal, Vice President of Marketing, Meals & Sauces.

Adopting a senior pet

Adopting a senior pet

All shelters have older dogs and cats waiting for someone to adopt them into a loving home. There are many reasons why choosing a senior pet can be a beautiful thing to do.

Older pets have much to give and make some of the best mates. We believe that just as animals of all ages should have loving partners, so should people.

When you open your heart and home to an older dog or cat, they show appreciation and are likely to form an incredible bond with their new human guardians. It has also been shown there are many benefits to adopting an older animal.

Giving a senior dog or cat a cozy home to live out the rest of their lives is one of the most selfless and loving things you can do. Many animals have had full experiences with loving families, but for one reason or another, their loved ones couldn’t take care of them anymore.