In response to today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to temporarily stay the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from Lou Leonard, vice president, climate change:

“While the Supreme Court’s decision may have temporarily hit the pause button on the Clean Power Plan, it has not curbed our nation’s move to switch to renewable energy and fight climate change. Americans of all stripes – businesses, local governments, and everyday citizens – continue to support and deliver on climate action.

“Today’s decision does not address the legal foundation of the Clean Power Plan. When it has its full day in court, this key component of the President’s climate action plan will be upheld and will continue to accelerate the clean energy transition that is already underway.

“Our nation’s transition to a renewable energy economy cannot be stopped. Over the past two years, more than half of our nation’s new electric generating capacity has come from renewable energy. With Congress’ recent renewal of renewable energy tax credits and leading companies continuing to make the switch to renewable energy, the U.S. will continue to move closer to the zero-carbon future people and our planet deserve.”