Did you know that millions of animals—including dogs and cats just like the ones with whom you might share your home—are tormented in U.S. laboratories annually for cruel experiments? While this fact might have surprised you, here are the top five shocking animal experimentation facts that you should know:

  1. More than 100 million animalsare poisoned, burned, crippled, and abused in other ways in U.S. labs each year.
  2. No experiment is illegal, no matter how cruel, irrelevant to human health, redundant, or painful.
  3. Ninety five percent of animals used for experiments are excluded from the only federal law offering any sort of protection.
  4. Even when valid alternatives to animals are available, the law doesn’t require that they be used.
  5. Ninety two percent of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they don’t work or are dangerous.