Nightmarish scene described as “a garbage dump with animals”

Watkins Glen, NY – On Saturday, October 10, Farm Sanctuary, America’s leading farm animal protection organization, working with the Hudson Valley SPCA, came to the aid of more than 130 starving and dying animals at a filthy property in New York’s Hudson Valley that has been described as “a garbage dump with animals.”

Farm Sanctuary will take the majority of the animals to their Watkins Glen-based New York Shelter, and has assisted the Hudson Valley SPCA in placing the rest at Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Catskill Animal Sanctuary, and with individual adopters. Farm Sanctuary will take animals in the direst condition directly to Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals for emergency medical treatment.

The starving, terrified animals, who were found living among deceased animals on the property, include:

• 64 goats – half of whom are babies, and many females who are likely to be pregnant
• At least 20 sheep who haven’t been shorn in years
• 10 young calves
• 1 pony
• 50 chickens and 1 turkey
• 20 pigs, including 2 mothers and at least 4 babies
• Four adult cattle

Farm Sanctuary National Shelter Director Susie Coston, who oversaw the rescue, has already taken one young, starving goat with a bloated belly (a sign of parasites) to Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals. Says Coston, “What I saw there will haunt me until the day I die. It’s heartbreaking to think that these beautiful animals were given this one life, and instead of enjoying it like they should, they’ve endured unthinkable suffering. But for those for whom it’s not too late, we intend to give them all the love they need to recover from this horrible ordeal and live a happy life.”

To fund this lifesaving rescue, donations to Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency Rescue Fund are desperately needed. To donate, click here.

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Farm Sanctuary operates three shelters in New York and California that provide lifelong care for nearly 1,000 rescued farm animals, works to change laws to decrease abuse of farm animals, and promotes compassionate vegan living.